Saffron Key

Taking Emerging Businesses to the Next Step

Channel Savvy

We provide consistent marketing across Search Marketing, E-mail Marketing, and many Social Media Channels. We use all channels to support your overall marketing success.


We deliver marketing content that differentiates your small business from your competitors. Our copy clearly illustrates why a customer should choose your business over your competitors’.


We believe that your brand is your promise. All of the marketing content we create for you communicates why your company is better than all of your competitors.


We were created by Marketing Professionals. We are able to create, post, and measure affordable marketing content effectively and efficiency


Saffron Key provides high-quality actionable marketing for small businesses. Our fees are comparable to a part-time college intern.


  • Brand Strategy 80%
  • Digital Marketing 80%
  • Networking 50%
  • Marketing System Design 95%
Ben Weagraff

Ben Weagraff

President & Founder

Ben Weagraff is the founder of Saffron Key to deliver marketing services to small businesses. Ben comes from a traditional consulting background. Ben is patient, empathetic, intelligent, and savvy. He is and always will be forever champion of the emerging entrepreneur.