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Business owners and organization leaders face a lot of questions about the most-effective way to grow their organization. All of these activities are time-consuming and they often distract from running the actual business.

As leaders, there are countless different strategies to consider, resources to employ, and metrics to understand. Unfortunately, for many of these outlets, they all require a lot of time to understand and deploy all of these techniques. Learning all of these disparate techniques take time away from the business and the customers that the leader must serve. More importantly, many of these techniques are complicated and are not likely to work effectively for a first-time user.

We deploy a Marketing System that allows organization leaders to focus on their existing business and customers. We understand all of these techniques and we use the ones that will make the most sense for your business.

The result of this system is a growing business with satisfied customers and expanding operations.

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Marketing Principles

Data-Driven Marketing

The major component that makes our marketing activities is that our activities are driven by previous results. We will deploy the techniques that our system recommends to drive the fastest long-term growth for your organization.

Adaptive Marketing

Our system is continuously improving. As we deploy more marketing techniques for your company, we will gather results from the activities and course correct with new techniques or to improve the existing techniques.


Phased Marketing

A key component of our system is an understanding of where the current organization stands in terms of its readiness for growth and how fast they will be ready to serve new customers. Our system recommends an approach that is in line with the current operations of the organization.

Universal Marketing

Our system has worked in a number of different organization phases, geographies, and industries. We are able to adapt the system to any organization that wants to move to the next step.

Always-On Marketing

Our research has shown that most organizations lose marketing traction and market share if they halt their digital marketing. More importantly, if you are not running digital marketing, you are not learning what your customers are seeking. Thus, our system is always running your marketing operations.

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Is Saffron Key right for your small business?

Saffron Key provides social media marketing for small businesses, and we only work with entrepreneurs who are committed to the¬†future of their business. Our marketing strategies for small business are designed to evolve as your company grows. You focus on your existing customers and offerings, we’ll handle the digital marketing for you.


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