Brand Sets the Values of the Company

Many business owners define brand as the visual representation of the company. Admittedly, this is quite ambitious. Unfortunately, that’s the bare minimum of what it is—it’s even more ambitious. In fact, Amanda Brinkman of describes brand as: “…it communicates the characteristics, values and attributes that can make or break whether a customer chooses you over your competition.”

Your Brand is Your Promise

Brand is an expansive theme that personifies the company as a whole. It includes how the company interacts and communicates. These interactions include employees, customers, partners, and potential customers. It is the identity of the company. It is your promise and it defines how you serve your customers.

Brand Consistency is Critical

The companies that manage their Brand most-effectively ensure that every interaction matches the values of the company as a whole. Brinkman continues, “If a brand’s elements are inconsistent across platforms, it can cause confusion and may foster distrust.” An inconsistent narrative is a common problem for small businesses. Overcoming this problem is critical. An inconsistent narrative communicates to potential customers that the company should not be trusted. This lack of trust makes finding new customers more difficult. Additionally, it makes existing customers uncertain about returning for more business.

Delivering Consistency

The most-effective approach to delivering a consistent narrative is to use assets to deliver a message. These assets include templates, style guides, copy samples, and communication guidelines. Many large businesses have these assets, unfortunately—smaller businesses do not always have them.

Unlock the Value of Consistent Messaging

The assets mentioned above used to be too onerous and stifling for small business owners. Saffron Key has simplified and updated these assets for small business owners. Not only do we help you define your brand, we also carry your message forward for you. This approach ensures a consistent message that inspires confidence in potential and existing clients.

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