Running a Business


Running a small business has a funny way of bringing the greatest joys and the greatest headaches known to man at the very same time.  Yet, it’s that wonderful spirit of entrepreneurship and the drive to succeed that keep us clocking in, even though we might not have enough money to pay ourselves.

Running a Business in the Modern Era

The secret formula for running a business has exponentially changed, even in the current decade.  Being familiar with the newest business trends is sometimes a sink-or-swim necessity.  That is not to say that the lessons we’ve learned from older generations of business owners don’t hold true today.  Saffron Key is different from most marketing companies in that we take years of actual consulting experience and pair it with the current, ongoing experience of our clients.  Each new business that comes to us for advice benefits from the collective experience of their entrepreneurial colleagues.

Running a business has no foolproof textbook to follow, nor is any one strategy perfect across all industries.  You know your business better than anyone.  We know strategy.  Join us for a conversation to see how to take your business further.

Here is some sage advice that we have learned from our own experiences:

  1. Your website is an employee too. A 24/7, 365 employee to be exact.  If you do your website right, it should be your most enthusiastic employee.  It never clocks out, and it is as good at sales as any of your other paid employees.  In today’s globalized climate, people are looking for products and services every hour of the day, and odds are they are using the Internet to do so.  One of the first questions we ask our clients is: ”Is your website driving your business forward?”  We use cheap (sometimes free) tools to see how much money your website is driving toward your business and how we can improve it in terms of:
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • Web design and functionality on desktop and mobile platforms

It’s time you started thinking of your website as a property asset.  It’s another store front for customers, and you want to make improvements that will bring them in and convert, convert, convert.

  1. Brand Unity is key. External unity starts with internal alignment.  Customers will not believe the message you are trying to convey if it does not follow the internal message of your values and culture.  Think about the businesses in the past that proudly advertise their successes, but never mention the internal disconnect going on with their employees.  That’s because internal disconnect does not ensure longevity.  Values and culture are necessary ingredients for a strong brand.

Be aware of how these are perceived by your customers, because they can make or break your brand.  Hire people who are passionate about your business’ values and culture, and engage in business practices that speak to them.  You’ll see less turnover, higher employee motivation, and more supportive customers.

  1. Brand Mobility is what your competitors want, but don’t do well. Your business has the potential to grow into a force to be reckoned with.  A powerful wave starts from one, small shift in the equilibrium.  When enough energy is invested, that wave turns into an awe-inspiring tsunami that displaces everything around it.  Powerful companies have one thing in common with the tsunami, and that is an energy that endures.  Think of your brand as a catalyst that sets an entire community into motion.  The most successful businesses created a product or service that catalyzed a change in the inert environment around them.  Not only did they create an enduring solution to a community need, they created an enduring internal motivation.  Gather a team around you that passionately supports your business’ success.  They are the ones who will maintain that energy.  Momentum begets momentum.  No other resource is so valuable as internal energy.  Use it to make your brand go further, displace the competition, and create a lasting impression on the community.

You have the business strategy.  We have the appraisal and content marketing tools to help you drive it forward.  Learn more about our commitment to Saffron Key’s internal and external brand on our Always-On Marketing page.  We’ll tell you just how committed we are to your success.

Saffron Key: empowering the next generation of game changers.