Side Hustle



The concept of “the side hustle” has become a popular buzzword.  The rising cost of living has driven many people to pursue multiple avenues for extra cash.  That’s why companies like Uber and Air BnB have become so popular.  People need to generate extra income in ways that don’t conflict with real time obligations, i.e. jobs and family.  A lot of people dismiss the idea of side hustling because most efforts lead to very little payoff.  For instance, it takes 6 hours of dog walking to make $100 with Wag! and a LOT of patience to rack up even $10 on Survey Junkie.


Still, creativity and tenacity go far for those who want to see results.  We at Saffron Key are passionate about the entrepreneurial spirit.  We like to see people thrive.  Big wins happen when people think outside the box.  That’s why side hustles are so cool.  Here are some thoughts from our experience in consulting small business entrepreneurs who had a passion and turned that passion into a business:


The Realities


It takes 6 to 9 months to build out a great marketing campaign.  We can get a company to the point where their website is rocking and rolling, they’re the first search result on Google, social media is abuzz, etc., but that does not guarantee conversions.  We own the lead-gen side, but we don’t run the business for you.  That’s why side hustles are so attractive.  They are a way to dip your toe in the water…to test something out and see if it can be turned into a business.  Saffron Key basically likes side hustles because if they fail, they won’t cause you to fail.


The Benefits


Odds are you’re looking for a side hustle to make extra money outside of living expenses, not because you need an additional way to make ends meet—that would be a second job.  This gives you freedom to be as ambitious as you want to be.  Maximum effort, minimal effort, whatever suits your fancy.  You don’t need skills to walk a dog.


Side hustling generates low energy, sometimes residual income.  Think about it this way: your income is not finite.  There’s no ceiling keeping that number from going higher.  It is as big as your ambition.  Make the job for yourself.  Entrepreneurs start businesses because they see a need and they fill it.  Who’s to say that you can’t do the same?


Start networking more than you thought necessary.  Every side hustle is a potential business, so don’t waste the opportunity to improve your situation.   People can help, but you have to put the time in to meet them.  If you use this mindset when starting out, you’ll have more resources at hand, and your side hustle will be more profitable.


Whether you’re getting paid to answer questionnaire’s, delivering pizzas, mowing lawns, etc., be mindful of your time and energy.  Those are valuable resources that you can’t get back.  Recognize your worth.  If you think you’ve got a great idea and you want to get serious about it, Saffron Key can help.  Above all, a side hustle is a side hustle, so have fun with it.


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