Highly Anticipated

Highly Anticipated is a growing design agency in Seattle, WA. The owner helps entrepreneurs create the graphics and digital presence businesses needed to carry a business’s visual brand forward.

Challenge: Saffron Key has helped Highly Anticipated evolve from word-of-mouth marketing to a predictive stream of qualified clients. As is often the case with small business, Highly Anticipated did not have the time, energy, or expertise to provide ongoing consistent, on-brand, and quantifiable marketing efforts.

Result: Saffron Key provides actionable marketing efforts for Highly Anticipated and is coaching Highly Anticipated where and how to deploy their marketing capital. Email subscribers went from 0 to 511, engagement on Facebook increased 52%, and revenue increased 65% in the first 3 months.


Living Harbor

Living Harbor is a retreat series dedicated to emotional wellness. The retreats help individuals find their emotional center in a somewhat tumultuous world.

Challenge: After over two decades as a licensed marriage and family counselor, Laura Tsang was ready for her next adventure. She had been witnessing many recurring themes through her years consulting, and she wanted to cast a wider net to reach more people that struggle with their emotional fitness.

Result: These retreats allow her to improve people’s emotional fitness and has reenergized her already thriving counseling service practice.




Alki Mail and Dispatch

Alki Mail & Dispatch is a coffee shop and a bulk shipping retail store in the Admiral District of West Seattle. They have been proudly serving the neighbors of West Seattle for 27 years.

Challenge: As their tenure alludes, Alki Mail has been able to build a thriving business from their retail storefront. However, the entrepreneur knew that the business could find new levels of growth.

Result: After engaging with Saffron Key, Alki Mail has found its footing once again, bringing in a new cadre of customers and creating new revenue streams.