Finding the Right Marketer

Finding the Right Marketer

There are a lot of organizations who know they could be doing better with their marketing. However, many do not know how to do it themselves. Further, they do not know how to find the right marketer to help them started. Often times these organizations do not even know where to start the conversations. Where do I start? Do I do Facebook Ads? Do I put up a billboard? Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of the challenges. Once these organizations get started, they typically do not have a sense for whether the marketing investment is working to drive them more business or not. In short, finding the right marketer can be hard.

Saffron Key’s Partners

We have spent a long time cultivating a collection of partners that are capable of delivering on specific marketing tasks, but align to our 5 marketing principles. By staying within our network, we collectively promise to grow your business. We will build the marketing foundation for you to learn more about your customer and deliver value to them. As your company grows, so too will your marketing activities.

Web Developers

  • Freelock is a web development company that believes “every website can do more”. This studio specializes in high-quality web presence and a consistent method to consistently improve the overall value of the website to your business.
  • Iron Egg is a web development company that serves two audiences exceptionally-well. There are some companies that simply need a basic web presence to start their content marketing services–this should not be expensive or complicated. They also focus on high-end custom-build websites for the companies that require a heavy design touch.
  • Highly Anticipated specializes on finding your central voice and delivering a high-quality visually-stunning presence. This organization understands an organization’s brand and central message better than most.
  • WebCami delivers custom-built wordpress sites that deliver based on your business need.


While there are many organizations capable of driving high-quality SEO, we have found few better examples of delivering on a shoestring budget than EZRankings.

Finding the Right Marketer

There are many ways to start the marketing process, but few approaches in the beginning are more-effective than a well-built website with search engine-optimized content behind it. It is this foundation that is at the core of the Saffron Key offering. With our partners–we promise to deliver value to your business. As we build a larger following for your business, we’ll be able to expand our offerings and create even more value. Marketing, if it is done right, is like pushing a snowball down a hill.

If you are curious to know how a cohesive brand story, paired with a well-built website and high-quality can grow your business–let’s chat.

Business Growth Stages

Business Growth Stages

There are many organizations who want “more”. They want more revenue, more customers, or more growth. Some companies have more success getting new customers than others. The companies that find new customers tend to follow a series of steps to make sure that their marketing is heading them in a positive direction. These organizations view their marketing activities as a laboratory. Each time they aim to expand what they know and their network of customers. In the early business growth stages, organizations should be using their marketing activities to learn more. As the organization grows, they can learn more AND add more customers.

Building a Marketing Foundation

The first step for many companies is to “stop guessing” what will work and build a data ecosystem to start to understand customers’ sentiments in more detail. Believe it or not, companies have a number of free tools available to them in the early stages. As the company grows, they can add more sophistication to their data capture and learn more about their customers. Building a marketing laboratory will show organizations which messages will land which ones will not. Repeating the messages that resonate is a key to success.

Business Growth Stages

Building on the marketing foundation, the first few stages can be pretty overwhelming.

  • If your organization does not have any existing customers, you are “pre-market”. This means you are exploring an idea that might be worth exploring. We strongly encourage entrepreneurs who are “pre-market” to ensure you have your customer pain nailed. Developing a new business or a new offering is expensive–and if it does not have any customers coming with it–it will be devastating.
  • There are some organizations that have some customers, but they spend all day every day serving these customers and cannot ever find another set of customers. These companies are on the treadmill. Unfortunately, they’re likely to stay there until they can improve their operations to serve their customers and start marketing to find new customers.

There are many businesses who provide an incredible service to the marketplace, but they do not provide strong marketing. Thus, their business never expands beyond their current size. These organizations are forever in the early stages. Hiring a marketing service provider to broadcast the value of the message will allow the company to focus on its offering and serving the new customers. If you are ready to take your business to the next phase, let’s talk about working together.

Building a Marketing Strategy

Building a Marketing Strategy

Marketers are notoriously good at buzzword bingo. They use terms like PPC, CTA, or CTR. They talk about “customer acquisition activities” or they “optimize their pipeline.” It is usually about this time that their audience’s eyes’ glaze over. Most people do not know what these terms mean–and they lose interest. If they knew this language, they probably would not need any support building a marketing strategy.

Building a Marketing Strategy

Building a marketing strategy is a multi-step approach. Step one is to understand the business in it’s current state. The next step is to understand the organization’s position in the market. Then marketers must figure out where the company wants to go. The fourth step is to explore which marketing strategies will be most effective to get them there and how to deploy them. Unfortunately, the last step is overlooked the most: it must be communicated in the language of the business, not in marketing buzzwords.

Understanding Marketing Options

The challenge that this presents is that it requires marketers to measure marketing actions using marketing metrics and terms. However, these results have to be translated back in a language people can understand. Certainly, PPC may yield higher CTRs than Reputation Management. However, communicating this to somebody that does not understand what PPC, CTR, or Reputation Management is useless. More people are comfortable hearing that “Google Ads will bring you more potential customers than Yelp!” This language makes marketing simple. Effective marketing requires using marketing metrics, but checking that language at the door.

Marketing Basics

Many organizations simply want more customers to bring them more revenue. Many marketers can help them get more customers and more revenue, but the only thing they seem to offer is a bunch of Scrabble tiles. I’ll see your “Influencer” and raise you a “multichannel”. It goes without saying that SEO is the freespace. In many ways, organizations are not just looking for the marketing results, they are looking to better understand marketing basics so that they can make better business decisions.

Marketing Strategy

If your organization simply wants more customers and more revenue, but does not want to play buzzword bingo, contact us to learn how to build an individual marketing strategy that will find you new customers and new revenue.

Building a Marketing Foundation

Building a Marketing Foundation

A lot of organizations do not know how to allocate their time and resources. Every new organization faces two big challenges. The first challenge is the mountain of things to do. The second is that there is not enough time or resources to get them all done. The organizations that can prioritize their mountain of things to do and get them done efficiently will be on a path to success. This approach to learn and repeat the best marketing efforts and deploy them over time is the crux of data-driven marketing.

Building a Marketing Foundation

One of the reasons that so many companies struggle early is because they do not put in a marketing foundation. This foundation tells the organization which marketing efforts are working–and why. The marketing efforts that do not work are expensive. Unfortunately, when an organization does not have a lot of resources, these efforts can be crippling.

Learn by Doing Marketing

Admittedly, sometimes these advertising efforts can work. However, if there is not a marketing foundation in place, it’s impossible to know exactly how to do it again. The most-effective marketing strategies improve on previous marketing strategies. The smart organizations build a system that allows them to test different marketing strategies. Once they have figured out what has worked, they repeat these efforts to add more customers and expand their business.

Marketing Improvement

There are many ways to build a system of continuous marketing improvement. However, the most effective approach starts by understanding how the organization is valued by its stakeholders. Once they understand that, there are a lot of approaches to find the best way to broadcast that message. The organizations that prioritize and dial-in the marketing efficiently are on a path to success.

Data-Driven Marketing

If your organization wants to efficiently grow its customers, creating the foundation for a data-driven marketing ecosystem is the best avenue to pursue. If you want to understand how best to put this foundation in place, let’s talk about the most-effective techniques for organization growth.

Marketing Consultants

Marketing Consultants

There are a number of different ways to find a marketing consultant. Finding the right one can be harder. Ensuring that they are successful can be very difficult. While there are countless capable marketing advisers available to organizations, often times these marketing consultants are not set up to be successful for the organization.

Hiring a Marketing Consultant

Most organizations who are looking to increase their marketing efforts find consultants through their own networks or the freelancer networks. Invariably, there is often some sticker shock at the costs that these consultants charge. This leads to some reluctant negotiation, and then an expensive contract signed. They are often focused on a specific marketing task, like brand discovery or email marketing.

The Awkward “Discovery Phase”

After the ink dries on the contract, the consultant often asks the business owner “so–what do you guys do?” In the “discovery” phase, marketer are learning how to craft and deliver an effective message. The first marketing deliverable usually doesn’t go out for 6-8 weeks. Unfortunately, marketing is an inexact science and it the first deliverable is often horribly wrong. But, the good marketers will adjust their techniques and improve their message.

Fixing the “Bad Marketing”

Once the marketer has learned what messages won’t work, the contract is almost up. The organization has spent a lot and has not received any new customers. In short, the marketer is often just now learning how to effectively market–and they are taking everything that they learned with them as they leave.

A Different Approach

The “discovery phase” should be just that–discovery. It should not be expensive to the client. The “discovery phase” should also include the first few items sent on behalf of the client, to learn more about what will work. A good marketer will find what works for the business and should be driving a lot of new customers and new revenue.  When the marketer has proven that they can deliver is when the full cost of the marketing should be incorporated. Paying somebody to learn about your business only to go away does not help the organization in any meaningful way.

Marketing Consultant

If your organization is frustrated by your marketing options in the marketplace and want to expand your reach, let’s talk about the most-effective techniques for organization growth.

Every Organization Can Do More

Every Organization Can Do More

There are countless organizations that do fantastic work. These organizations pride themselves on providing a compelling service to their customers. Unfortunately, many of these organizations face a number of the same challenges. They struggle to find the next batch of customers to serve. Unfortunately, organization growth remains a mystery for many.

Customized Marketing Campaigns

Whether your organization is a business that is looking for new customers or your organization is a non-profit looking to expand your reach, many of the concepts and techniques are quite similar. However, this does not mean that there is one approach that will work for every organization. Each organization has a different set of circumstances, position in the marketplace, and set of goals. Thus, finding a marketing campaign that will work to achieve these goals can be difficult.

However, by applying a consistent set of marketing principles, it can be done for every organization.

Data-Driven Marketing

Many organizations do not have any marketing data. We can show you how to capture the right marketing data. Once we have it, we can always improve it–and therein grow your organization.

Adaptive Marketing

The data will tell help us find what is working and what is not working. Some techniques simply will not work. When this happens, we adjust our approaches and focus on what does work.

Phased Marketing

Some organizations have spent many thousands of dollars on a website when they are still pre-marketing. Our approach is to build a marketing system that grows with your business. When you are just getting started–you do not need a complicated marketing system.

Universal Marketing

Organizational growth comes back to the same simple refrain–how effectively are we getting our message out there, and are people inspired to act upon it. There are so many tools, techniques, and strategies to consider. We focus on the ones that help get the message out and help inspire action.

Always-on Marketing

Perhaps the most-troubling development in the world of marketing is the rate at which organizations and marketers call it quits on a technique that isn’t working. The best marketers try to get it wrong. They learn from these mistakes and they use them to find the marketing that works. Failure isn’t ever failure.

Organization Growth

If your organization is frustrated by your current position in the marketplace and want to expand your reach, let’s talk about the most-effective techniques for organization growth.