Building a Marketing Strategy

Building a Marketing Strategy

Marketers are notoriously good at buzzword bingo. They use terms like PPC, CTA, or CTR. They talk about “customer acquisition activities” or they “optimize their pipeline.” It is usually about this time that their audience’s eyes’ glaze over. Most people do not know what these terms mean–and they lose interest. If they knew this language, they probably would not need any support building a marketing strategy.

Building a Marketing Strategy

Building a marketing strategy is a multi-step approach. Step one is to understand the business in it’s current state. The next step is to understand the organization’s position in the market. Then marketers must figure out where the company wants to go. The fourth step is to explore which marketing strategies will be most effective to get them there and how to deploy them. Unfortunately, the last step is overlooked the most: it must be communicated in the language of the business, not in marketing buzzwords.

Understanding Marketing Options

The challenge that this presents is that it requires marketers to measure marketing actions using marketing metrics and terms. However, these results have to be translated back in a language people can understand. Certainly, PPC may yield higher CTRs than Reputation Management. However, communicating this to somebody that does not understand what PPC, CTR, or Reputation Management is useless. More people are comfortable hearing that “Google Ads will bring you more potential customers than Yelp!” This language makes marketing simple. Effective marketing requires using marketing metrics, but checking that language at the door.

Marketing Basics

Many organizations simply want more customers to bring them more revenue. Many marketers can help them get more customers and more revenue, but the only thing they seem to offer is a bunch of Scrabble tiles. I’ll see your “Influencer” and raise you a “multichannel”. It goes without saying that SEO is the freespace. In many ways, organizations are not just looking for the marketing results, they are looking to better understand marketing basics so that they can make better business decisions.

Marketing Strategy

If your organization simply wants more customers and more revenue, but does not want to play buzzword bingo, contact us to learn how to build an individual marketing strategy that will find you new customers and new revenue.