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Content Marketing as a Service

Saffron Key provides Content Marketing as a Service (CMaaS) to small and mid-size businesses. We build, execute, measure, and optimize Content Marketing for our clients. We are so much more than a social media agency in Seattle, WA.

What is Content?

In the digital age, there are many forms of digital marketing, and thousands of marketing channels available to small business owners. In addition, there are different methods to use the content to drive different business goals.

At it’s core, however, content is merely a message on behalf of a company. A piece of content can be as small as liking somebody’s tweet, or it could be as significant as a documentary about the history of a firm and its position in the market. Most content is text-based, but there are also podcasts and videos, just to name a few.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing uses the methods of content creation and delivery to drive the business forward. The premise of content marketing is to build a virtual or digital audience and convert them into real customers. While this sounds simple, in reality it’s not. The sheer magnitude of marketing options make this process overwhelming.

What is Content Marketing as a Service?

CMaaS takes the principles of content marketing and puts them into a repeatable process that we execute on your behalf. This process is then used to bring our clients new customers. Our offerings are affordable for small business owners and we can scale our services to the most sophisticated clients.

We create a brand and content strategy first. Then, we create content that aligns with the strategy. Next, we deliver the content. Lastly, we measure content for its effectiveness. If we have to improve content, we will. Over time, your company will have an arsenal of high-value content that drives new customers to your site and creates new customers without any effort.

Our approach is simple–all content should drive profit for your company.

We provide quality content, deliver it consistently, measure its success, and do it systematically and efficiently.


Brand, market fit, value proposition, and company identity is the core of our practice. For customers that need assistance with “who they are” as a company, we first focus on helping them craft this message with our data and our knowledge of digital marketing. Unfortunately, an important part of brand is not only knowing who you are, but also knowing who your competition is. This is a tough challenge for many small business owners. Our brand experts are efficient and can help small business owners find their identity without bankrupting the company.


After we have nailed the brand, we transition to making sure the content on the company’s website communicates the value of the business, and can be easily found via search. It is here where we use our brand research to put the essential keywords on the company’s website to attract their ideal customer.

Social Media Marketing

After we have a website that communicates the value of the company and can be found via search, we next tackle the nebulous world of social media marketing. Here, our approach is similar–we use the tools available to us to capture an audience of potential customers and let them know about the value of our client’s business. We focus our efforts on the social media channels that we know have the most value to the business overall, they include: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook Messenger, and Medium. We are willing to work in any channel, but only if it makes sense to our customer’s bottom line.

Email Marketing

Once we have steady website traffic and we are building the audience of potential customers on social media, we then turn our attention to nurturing those potential customers by using email marketing to understand how our clients can better serve their most loyal customers.

Reputation Management

Saffron Key also helps small business owners receive strong ratings on Yelp!, Facebook, and Google if it is appropriate for the business.

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If you are looking for social media marketing in Seattle—there’s no better solution than a company that has a digital marketing system that creates perpetual leads for small business owners than Saffron Key. Contact us today to take your business to the next level.