As an agency that serves as a small business marketing consultant for each of our clients individually, we know that evaluating the landscape of the marketing options for emerging businesses is hard.  There are many marketing solutions and they all have both merits and drawbacks. It can be hard to sort through them and decide what’s right for your business.  When choosing a marketing approach for your emerging business, remember who you are and what is important to you to make your decision.

The most obvious solution to marketing on a budget is to manage the brand. Every entrepreneur will tell you that nobody understands the value prop of their own business more than the founder herself. Thus, crafting a message that is on brand is best to only come from the person that formed the brand. The challenge with this approach is that crafting the right message is time-consuming and detracts from the other parts of the business that an entrepreneur must attend to, namely serving the existing clients with the level of service that their brand requires.

Some emerging businesses have enough capital to put some firepower behind an energetic part-time marketing individual. There are plenty of individuals that have copious energy and enthusiasm and can produce a lot of content. However, unless every post is evaluated, it is tough to confirm that they will all be on brand, is unlikely to be borne out of results-driven marketing practices, and it may even cause a negative stir. It goes without saying that the price point for junior staff is affordable and their knowledge of social media channels, like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, and Pinterest is tough to overcome. Yet, they do not always understand social media commercialization and how best to use it as a strategic pillar of the business.

Just because you’ve posted something to Facebook, does not mean you’ll see more cash in the till.

We are a small business marketing consultant – Seattle

Another option for emerging businesses is to hire an outside agency dedicated to their enterprise’s marketing efforts. These seasoned individuals are often very versed in crafting a narrative and the commercialization of social media. However, these skill sets and price points are typically designed to suit established enterprises and are not usually within the financial reality of an emerging business.

The last option to consider is a marketing consultant with services and price points tailored to the financial reality of emerging businesses. The best solutions are low-maintenance, provide a respected marketing sounding board, and can allow the entrepreneur to focus on the high-quality customer service that is the hallmark of their institution. Let Saffron Key be your marketer. Let us help you grow your business with results-driven marketing services tailored to the financial reality of your emerging business.

We’re local to Seattle, which means we can sit down with you in person, understand your business, and understand the local landscape, your customers, and the best solutions for you.