Marketing Principles

Many organizations are founded by a special position or offering in the market place. Some organizations may make outstanding cinnamon rolls, while others may provide free legal services to refugees. Some organizations are government entities that offer college placement advice to high school juniors while others sell cloud computing services. Many of these organizations succeed with the current customers they have, but they struggle to find new customers. In short, many individuals have a special skill and letting people know about this special skill requires marketing–which is not a special skill that everybody has, but unfortunately one that everybody needs. We offer these services. We are a megaphone for the organizations that need a little bit of help finding their next batch of new customers. Our approach is grounded on a series of marketing principles that we have found work for every customer.

Marketing Options

First, we should talk about the current options on the table for organizations. The obvious first step is to do your own marketing–you can’t beat the price. But, marketing is difficult and it requires a lot of training on all of the different channels. More importantly, not everybody has the DNA of a marketer. On the other end of the spectrum is a marketing agency. However, these agencies come with a healthy dose of sticker shock. Additionally, leaning into the marketing agency means you will always be hitched to the agency for your next growth. The other option is the freelancer network–and this is a nice compromise between the DIY and agency approach, it’s more affordable, but if you are not a marketer–how do you know if you’ve hired a good or a bad freelancer. The biggest gap in the freelancer network is that you will need a team of freelancers to help you with your creative, your website, your social media, your email marketing, and your SEO–it goes on and on.

Saffron Key Marketing Principles

We have built a system that takes the best parts of all of these models and delivers results for our clients cheaply and continuously. As you work with Saffron Key, you learn the finer points of how to think about your business as a marketer–lowering your reliance on outside support going forward.

  • Our system deploys Data-Driven Marketing. Whether your website has 27 monthly visitors or 27,000, we can always add more. These visitors are potential new customers for your business. We take that traffic, grow it, and convert it into customers. The following month, after we’ve grown your website viewership from 27,000 to 28,000, we focus on getting it to 29,000 the following month. Continuous Improvement.
  • Our system deploys Adaptive Marketing. There are a number of effective strategies that we can deploy for each client. Our system knows which ones will work and which ones will not work. We deploy the most-effective techniques. Once in a while, we find that our efforts are not effective on a certain channel–we’ll adjust those efforts and deploy other techniques to fill in the gaps.
  • Our system deploys Phased Marketing. For any company that is just starting out, there needs to be some traction, but not too much–too much traction could lead to an organization not ready to support the influx of new customers. We take the time to understand where the organization currently sits and how much capacity they have for growth. While we are growing the organization, we ask that the organization continue readying itself for more growth in the future. As you grow your capacity, we’ll grow your business.
  • Our system deploys Universal Marketing. Some organizations spend several thousands on a new website that does not bring in any new customers. For every dollar we spend, we return more than that to your organization. Thus, if you spend $1,000 with our organization, we’re going to give you at least $1,001 back to your organization. Our system relies heavily on content marketing to drive new business–because content marketing does not require any marketing spend. As your company expands, we’ll add more services to bring in more customers.
  • Our system deploys Always-on Marketing. Some organization hire a marketing specialist for a few months at a time to rework a piece of their marketing system–whether it be social media, SEO, email, or traditional marketing. Unfortunately, this begs the question–what happens after those months? Secondly–our system demonstrates that many of these tools take several months for the wheels to start to turn. Thus, there is not enough time to see if the effort was effective or if it was a monumental waste of time.

These marketing principles are at the core of our marketing system. They allow us to explore how we can grow any business. We define growth as marketing spend that returns more than the spend back to the organization every time. If you are ready to take your organization to the next phase, let’s talk about how we can make that happen for you.