Adaptive Marketing

Unfortunately, we’ve made the occasional mistake in our past. Some more egregious than others, but nonetheless, they happened–and yet here we are. One of the most intriguing components of the marketing world is how hard it is to predict the success of new approaches. There have been countless times where we’ve expected marketing activities to do well…crickets. On the other hand, we’ve also run marketing campaigns with low expectations surprise us. Adaptive marketing means using the data and results from a campaign to inform future marketing activities to continuously improve results. Even good marketing campaigns can be improved.

Prioritizing Marketing Activities

So many organizations do not know where to start their marketing activities. They have some customers, some revenue coming in the door, and they are not sure where to put the revenue coming in to turn into more customers coming in the door. They may try traditional advertising on Television, Billboards, Radio, or even wrap a Bus. They may try the digital marketing world on their own–but where do you start? What do you say? How do you deliver that message? Our research shows organizations where to start this process in terms of what channel is mostly likely to yield the highest results. Most of the time, we’re right–because we’ve done this many times. Once in a while, we are wrong, however. In those times where we are wrong, we’ll attempt the next-best approach. Often times this approach surprises us. 

Learning Marketing

The longer a company works within the Saffron Key system, the more data points available to understand what messaging, what offers, what creative, and what customers to target. It is not uncommon to learn something about the message, the offer, the creative, or the customers from one channel. It is incumbent upon us as your marketing support team to make sure we replicate that learning across all of the different channels. Our system understands that each channel is different and results may vary, but the points remains–each channel is there to bring new customers to our clients. If its not doing that, we adjust it, and once in a while, we may step away from the channel completely.

If you are ready to explore how a wide range of marketing activities can grow your organization, let’s talk about how we can make that happen for you.