Phased Marketing

There are a number of organizations that struggle to find their voice and new customers. Their current marketing attempts, whether they have been doing them on their own, or with the help of an expert simply do not bear fruit. The majority of the time that we start working with these clients, we find that they are missing some of the essential building blocks. Without these building blocks, any marketing effort is likely to be met with disappointment to some degree. There are some organizations that are able to carve out a specific marketing cycle that works for them–often times these approaches involve spending a lot of money on social media ads or pay per click. Many times we’ve seen these organizations struggle to find their footing when the ad algorithms change or when they run out of capital.

Brand Building

No matter what marketing channel you use, you must understand the customer’s pain. You must also need to understand how the customer thinks about this pain and how likely they are to want to solve it. Further, you have to understand how your product is perceived as an option to solve that pain. In short, there is an extensive marketing foundation that goes before any organization starts to spend money on advertising. Those organizations that use the data about their customer, their marketplace, their product, and its perception are the organizations that can take a small marketing spend and turn it into exponential growth. The companies that have not done that hard work are the organizations that spend a large amount on marketing and barely eke by–in short, they are on the marketing hamster wheel.

Marketing to Your Ideal Customer

It is important to understand that customers are going to do their homework on you before they invest any of their time and money. If you are a podiatrist, and you get a call from somebody looking for some help, that person has more-than-likely already been on your website. How do you think that person feels about you after looking at your website? Are you embarrassed by your website? Does it make claims that you do not align to your organizational promises? There are so many organizations that spend a lot of time curating their social media accounts and neglect their website. Customers are going to judge your organization based on all of the channels where your company exists–are you being painted in the best light on all of those channels?

If you are ready to build the marketing foundation for your organization, let’s talk about how we can make that happen for you.