Small Business Marketing Consultant

Business consulting has always resided comfortably within the confines of enterprise.  Consultants are typically expensive. As such, the financials make it tough for consultants to drive change in a small business. On the other hand, consulting works in the enterprise because moving the needle a little bit for a large company reaps significant financial benefits. Unfortunately, small businesses looking for consultants have to pay a lot of money for not a lot of results. No thanks. However, the financials of consulting are changing. More consultants are working for small and medium-sized businesses. These businesses need a lot of guidance and consultants can often help to find new revenue or streamline operations. We are seeing a rejuvenation of the Small Business Marketing Consultant.

Building a Marketing Ecosystem

Small businesses are fundamentally different than large businesses. However, the techniques and practices to market a business follow the same process. Whether you are marketing for a small business or a large business, you’re still trying to attract the attention of a potential customer and convince them to try your offering. Thus, a lot of the techniques, metrics, and best practices from enterprise still apply to the small businesses. The main difference is that the larger firms have more capital to do more marketing activities. Thus, the best way to market for small businesses is to expertly and efficiently deliver the basics. These basics include: an understanding of the company’s unique position in the market, a website that attracts new customers, and metrics to understand what content works and which content needs to be improved. The results will follow.

Small Business Marketing

The reasons consulting makes financial sense for a lot of companies is that consultants have a specific deep focus on a particular set of skills that are important to a business. To be an effective marketing consultant, an individual must be able to deliver more customers to a business than the organization is able to deliver on their own. If the consultant is able to drive enough new customers, the businesses can justify their marketing spend. With so many new marketing techniques available to marketing experts, there are a lot of ways for small business consultants to find new customers for any business.

At Saffron Key, we believe that every organization can do more—if you are curious to know how many new customers we can find for you, let’s chat.