Universal Marketing

Marketers can be their own worst enemies sometimes. In our conversations with our clients, many clients are repeatedly impressed by how simple our approach to marketing is. Some have even told us that “if it were that easy, we would do it ourselves”. Well, the concepts are simple, but the tools, techniques, and approaches are not all that easy. Our system takes the simplicity of marketing’s basic concepts and adds all of the technical sophistication behind the scenes. At the end of the day, all of our clients want us to introduce them to their potential customers they have not ever met. Further, when we introduce them, our customers want us to paint them in a positive light. Universal marketing means that no matter how sophisticated the technique or the tool, if it does not introduce our client to their ideal customer or help them through the buying process–we don’t bother with it. If a tool is too complicated for our clients, there’s a strong chance it will be too complicated for their customers.

Marketing for Different Industries

It is important to realize that this does not mean that each and every client uses the exact same methods and techniques. Certain industries have a certain predisposition to certain marketing techniques. For instance, the restaurant industry is heavily-reliant upon “Reputation Management”, meaning Yelp! reviews, Google Reviews, and Facebook Recommendations. Other industries, such as non-profits do not require such strong emphasis on Reputation Management. Our system understands how customers in an industry will compare your organization to its competitors and paint your organization with a positive light in that channel. Even within industries, there is a lot of differentiation and specific market fit and customer targets that allows for a lot of specification. Our system will help you understand if your specific position within your industry is compelling to the customers in the industry.

Finding your Niche

Perhaps the biggest difference between our approach and those of others is that when we begin our journey with you, we’ll freely share all that we have seen work in the market and quickly suggest a path forward to help you make some quick progress. We’ll deploy techniques that are easy and cheap (often free) to measure the temperature of this message. We’ll adapt that message and begin to roll out that message to a wider audience. As your company grows, so too will your marketing activities in quantity, quality, and sophistication. Thus, when you are brand new in your business, we’ll make sure that your growth is steady and measured, but does not overwhelm you from running the actual business.

If you are ready to explore how a universal approach to marketing can be deployed in your organization, let’s talk about how we can make that happen for you.