Saffron Key was founded to answer one question that all small business owners face: 

How should I market my business?

This large question begets many other smaller questions.

  • What channels should I use?
  • What should I say on these channels?
  • Which channel works best for adoption?
  • Which channel works best for conversion?
  • Do I have to be present on all of them? How often?
  • How do I do it all?
  • How do I find the time to create all of this content?
  • How expensive is that going to get for me?

Organic Digital Marketing

Organic Digital Marketing is the term we use to describe the free channels available to small businesses.

These channels include:

  • Search Marketing: Posting blogs to your website that use keywords and drive your brand
  • E-mail Marketing: Sending emails to your customers to further your message
  • Social Media Marketing: Posting to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, others about the value of your brand

On the other hand, “Inorganic Digital Marketing”  is when you pay for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, or an e-mail list. Inorganic Digital Marketing can get expensive without any guarantees for success. Additionally, Inorganic Digital Marketing only works AFTER you have built a strong “Organic Digital Marketing” foundation.

Saffron Key Creates, Distributes, and Measures Organic Digital Marketing for You

Unfortunately, all of these marketing activities take time. 

Saffron Key was created to create content for all of these channels for you. We post to your social media, write blog posts, and e-mails for you and we do it for an affordable price. For what you would pay for a part-time employee, you get a team of seasoned professionals.

Organic Growth Takes Time–It’s Best to Get Started Now

Growing a company means building Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and E-Mail Marketing. This takes time, consistency, and expertise. 

If you would like to learn more about how Saffron Key can help grow your business, check out our Getting Started page and tell us about your company and its needs.