According to Hiveage, the 6 Biggest Small Business Challenges are:

  1. Cash Flow Issues
  2. Tiredness
  3. Finding and Retaining Profitable Customers
  4. Motivating Employees
  5. Having Too Many Overheads
  6. Staying Current

We agree with that list. Fundamentally, all of these issues boil down to one central issue—there is not enough time in the day to do everything yourself at the quality you want it done. By providing social media services to small businesses, we take some of the burden while scaling your business.

Prioritizing Your Small Business Challenges:

The challenge with the 6 items listed above is that we are human beings and do not have 6 hands. We have to prioritize this list.

Cash is king. Every penny in the till is another potential reinvestment back in the firm. Each potential reinvestment is another opportunity to take the business to a new level. After the cash starts to flow, it makes sense to work on the other 5 challenges. Unfortunately, none of those reinvestments are ever guaranteed to work—welcome to the world of the small business owner.

However, growing a business without some reinvestment is very difficult. It’s a vicious cycle.

Outsource your Small Business’s Digital Marketing:

We are small business ourselves, we live the pain of these challenges. We’ve created our offerings to solve these challenges. Our Search Marketing, Email Marketing, and Social Media offerings do not stifle the business. We also make sure that they are doing their part to grow the business, so that the the owner to focus on their business. Social media services to small businesses are meant to be lean and directed, helping grow the business to the next level organically.

Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing for your Small Business:

Our offerings are always on your small business’s message. Our marketing copy is written so that it sounds like it has come from you. Digital marketing for small businesses is what we do—and we do it effectively and efficiently. We’re so efficient that our base package is less-expensive than a part-time college intern.

Let us deliver your Digital Marketing for you:

There have not been a lot of companies structured like Saffron Key that focus on the digital marketing for small businesses. If your small business is ready to take the next step, it might be time to put a consistent and professional marketer in front of your company’s digital presence. If you’re ready to focus specifically on your offerings, e-mail us so that we can grow your company’s digital marketing.