Marketing Consultants

Marketing Consultants

There are a number of different ways to find a marketing consultant. Finding the right one can be harder. Ensuring that they are successful can be very difficult. While there are countless capable marketing advisers available to organizations, often times these marketing consultants are not set up to be successful for the organization.

Hiring a Marketing Consultant

Most organizations who are looking to increase their marketing efforts find consultants through their own networks or the freelancer networks. Invariably, there is often some sticker shock at the costs that these consultants charge. This leads to some reluctant negotiation, and then an expensive contract signed. They are often focused on a specific marketing task, like brand discovery or email marketing.

The Awkward “Discovery Phase”

After the ink dries on the contract, the consultant often asks the business owner “so–what do you guys do?” In the “discovery” phase, marketer are learning how to craft and deliver an effective message. The first marketing deliverable usually doesn’t go out for 6-8 weeks. Unfortunately, marketing is an inexact science and it the first deliverable is often horribly wrong. But, the good marketers will adjust their techniques and improve their message.

Fixing the “Bad Marketing”

Once the marketer has learned what messages won’t work, the contract is almost up. The organization has spent a lot and has not received any new customers. In short, the marketer is often just now learning how to effectively market–and they are taking everything that they learned with them as they leave.

A Different Approach

The “discovery phase” should be just that–discovery. It should not be expensive to the client. The “discovery phase” should also include the first few items sent on behalf of the client, to learn more about what will work. A good marketer will find what works for the business and should be driving a lot of new customers and new revenue.  When the marketer has proven that they can deliver is when the full cost of the marketing should be incorporated. Paying somebody to learn about your business only to go away does not help the organization in any meaningful way.

Marketing Consultant

If your organization is frustrated by your marketing options in the marketplace and want to expand your reach, let’s talk about the most-effective techniques for organization growth.