Most entrepreneurs do not have good small business marketing options. Part-time interns and do-it-yourself options do not always provide high-quality marketing. Meanwhile, a marketing agency typically does provide high-quality, but they are not affordable for small businesses.

Saffron Key was founded to deliver professional small business marketing at an affordable price point.

Small Business Marketing Options:

  • Do it yourself Small Business Marketing
  • Hire a Marketing Intern for your Small Business
  • Hire a Marketing Agency for your Small Business

Each of the current marketing options have pluses and minuses.

Do it Yourself Small Business Marketing

Do it Yourself Small Business Marketing is the cheapest option available. However, small business owners are often pulled in many directions all the time. As a result, their marketing is not always done completely and consistently. Inconsistent marketing makes small businesses look distracted and unprofessional.

Hire a Marketing Intern for your Small Business

Marketing Interns are affordable. Additionally, there are certainly some qualified junior staff available. However, not all of them are.  Many junior staff require constant supervision. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs do not know how to train junior staff to perform at the level they require.

Hire a Marketing Agency for your Small Business

While the marketing agency provides high quality marketing outputs, it comes at a significant price. However, their fees often cripple many small businesses.

Saffron Key provides high-quality marketing significantly cheaper marketing agencies

We deliver professional marketing solutions from seasoned marketers. All of our marketing is data-driven. We do this without the administrative overhead of hiring somebody part-time.

From a cost perspective, we are comparable to a part-time marketing intern.

From a quality perspective, we are substantially more effective than a part-time marketing intern.

If you are tired of trying to juggle your own marketing and do not want to hire a part-time intern, it is time to consider Saffron Key.