Growing companies understand their ideal customer better than stagnant companies do. This is because many of these growing companies have processes in place to continuously evaluate and incorporate customer feedback. Further, these companies use this information to consistently drive more revenue and streamline costs. Some companies even bring clients into the product development process and build portals to provide visibility to the product road map. Additionally, many of the largest companies use marketing analytics to figure out how best to market their business. Thus, understanding your customers may be the biggest gap between companies on the move and those who are on the treadmill.

Understanding your Customers

Believe it or not, building a feedback loop between the customer and the company is not all that difficult. The first step is to figure out who your ideal customer is. Unfortunately, there are many companies that do not know who their ideal customer is. Don’t worry, we can help. These companies seek more information about their customers, including¬†the customers’ biggest challenges, what they do well, how to help them, and what motivates them. Organizations that can demonstrate that their offering is the most-compelling to their ideal customers are organizations that are going places.

Building a Customer Feedback Process

There are many different ways to capture this information from customers. The passive approach (which Saffron Key does for you) is to evaluate your marketing to see which marketing efforts resonate the most with your ideal customer. Some messages will perform better than others. The active approach requires conversations with your customers. They can be face-to-face meetings, phone calls, surveys, etc… When soliciting active feedback from a customer, it is important to realize that they are busy. If you want them to help you build your business, you’ll have to offer them something of value. The more you ask, the more you should be prepared to give.

Saffron Key and the Voice of the Customer

Saffron Key brings the voice of the customer to your team. We start with a basic understanding of who your customer is. We deploy marketing strategies that will help us learn more about your customer to drive more revenue. If you’re curious about how aligning to customers can help you grow your business: let’s chat.